Marine ecosystems face unprecedented threats from contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) and climate change. In this context, the EU-funded ONE-BLUE project aims to deepen our understanding and increase mitigation efforts. Conducting case studies in the Atlantic, Arctic, and Mediterranean, ONE-BLUE seeks to enhance knowledge on CEC concentrations and effects. Through controlled experiments, the project examines interactions between climate change and CECs in marine mesocosms. Adhering to FAIR principles, a comprehensive database called CECsMarineDB will store and manage project data, aiding exploration and analysis. Innovative solutions include new ecotoxicity assessment methodologies, effect-directed approaches, ultrasonic systems for micro/nanoplastics, autonomous sensors, and a decision support system. ONE-BLUE not only advances scientific understanding, but also aligns with EU policies.

We are a team formed by more than 100 researchers within 20 research groups from 18 Institutions of 11 European countries.

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